Working in partnership with the National Ambulance Service, we are a group of volunteers who live or work in Bray and help by providing an early response in the provision of primary life-saving support to people who have called 999/112 and requested an ambulance. A Cardiac First Responder is a person who has successfully completed a Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) approved Cardiac First Response course – Responder level, within the last two years. This includes citizens or emergency medical volunteers/rescuers and uniformed personnel who may be dispatched or come across the following cardiac emergencies: Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack and foreign body airway obstruction (choking). Full training is provided twice a year in March and September but new members are welcome all year round. There is monthly refresher training also. If you can only spare a few hours a month, that is plenty! If you can’t be a responder but want to help, we also need people to assist with fundraising and organisation.

Charities Regulator number 20157623